Developers (Establishing a new Body Corporate)

One of the things we remember when working with developers and architects is that the schemes that you establish are advertisements for your next project.  We therefore take an approach that ensures that not only do you find the process trouble free, but so do those buying the properties.

BCP Strata is experienced in the establishment of strata-titled developments and is able to assist with the technical expertise necessary to ensure that the scheme is established to meet Queensland's complex body corporate legislation.

The key services offered by BCP Strata include:

  • Administration and Sinking Fund budget estimates
  • Calculation of lot entitlements for both Contribution and Interest Schedules
  • Review of Body Corporate Community Management Statement including by-laws
  • Advice on aspects of the scheme that could have longer term impacts based on management experience
  • Establishment of Body Corporate records and bank accounts plus documention including those associated with income tax and GST
  • Arranging appropriate insurance on completion of the building
  • Calling and holding the first Extraordinary General Meeting on registration of the scheme
  • Putting in place the necessary arrangements for ultimate transition of administration responsibility to a body corporate committee
  • Where appropriate establishing agreements with suppliers including electricity resellers and maintenance contractors.

The Managing Director of BCP Strata, Scott Simpson, is also a member of the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) and regularly attends functions and events to keep abreast of the issues critical to the development industry in Queensland.

If you would like to learn more about BCP Strata, the services we offer and how we can assist you in your next strata-titled development, please complete our Request proposal to establish new body corporate e-form. Alternatively, ring our office and speak with one of our Managers who will be happy to assist you.